Stunning bengal cross female cat for sale. She is very well socialised with small friendly dogs like my french bulldog and cats. She is 4 years old and is microchipped. She has been around young children and older adults and is very affectionate, she loves to receive strokes, cuddles and sit in peoples laps. She has a bengal body structure with stunning brown marble markings all over her body. She is not neutered and had a litter of 4 stunning bengal cross British shorthair kittens and was such a great loving mom. She is called Minxi and is relatively petite (she only weighs about 2-3kg ) even the vets thought she was a 6 month kitten! She will make a great addition to a loving family or someone looking for a cat companion. She loves treats but is allergic to them as they make her salivate and her lip swell up, this doesn’t require medical attention we just have to keep the treats away from her . She will come with a blanket, food and water bowls, litter, a litter tray, some food, toys, her microchip details and a collar to help her settle in properly. She is £70 to ensure a loving home, she has been dewormed and flead and is litter trained. She is mainly an indoor cat but can go out in the garden for a short period of time. I am based in Birmingham, west midlands.


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Birmingham, GB