An awesome bunch of kittens are on the lookout for their forever homes.

Fluffy Ginger Boy
Firstborn of this litter, this ginger fluff-ball is confident and fully aware of its handsome looks. Proper boss-man.

Black & White Boy
Sweet-looking and gentle tempered. Has a lovely black & white “suit” pattern, featuring white “socks” on paws. Whats not to like here?!

Ginger Boy
Friendly and sophisticated. Loves belly rubs. Just look at the picture!!!

Black & White Girl
The only girl of the bunch. Dressed to impress tough – black sensual ladies evening dress, accompanied by silky white “gloves” and “stockings” on back paws. Meow!

Stripy Ginger Boy
Joyful and active striped ginger boy who likes to make new friends. Loves to receive scratches behind the ear enjoys a good playtime with toys.

All the kittens are behaving like proper cultured creatures – they know how to use the toilet.
At present all of them are big fans of dry kitten food and cat milk, but don’t fuss about nice clean drinking water either.

Before they leave for their new homes, they all will have flea and de-worm treatment as a precautionary measure.

Price for ginger kittens: £350 per kitten
Price for black & White kittens: £250 per kitten

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London, GB