Zeus is our 2 year old Male German Rottweiler. He is a remarkable dog that is highly trained with an array of skills. Great temperament and versatility. Ex-security dog of guarding a bank in the night. Brought up with and around children and turns into a big friendly giant with them.

What Zeus Is Offering?
Peace of mind and a sense of security like never before. With an innate ability to detect potential threats and a strong desire to defend his loved ones, this remarkable dog will ensure yours, your family’s and your property’s safety day and night. This extraordinary companion can become your ultimate guardian in any situation.

Great family dog. Zeus is known for his friendly and affectionate nature. He loves spending time with people of all ages, making him an excellent choice for families.

Highly driven and capable. The drive to protect runs deep in their veins, fueling their determination to keep you safe. Thrives on challenges and eager to take on new tasks. Relentless dedication to your security sets him apart as a truly exceptional personal protection partner.

Need an experienced dog owner. Anyone interested will be vetted thoroughly as he only deserves the best of homes or handler to go to.

Suitable for any living environment. Preferably a family home. Can be very independent and left alone. Long as he has his toys. Loves to play tug of war.

Training commands are, sit, down, speak, watch him, who’s that, get it/him, go check, come here, move back, come here, get in, get out, up/jump, paw, other paw, go sleep, stay, leave, chill out, let’s go/for a walk, go to park, wheres the ball, get the ball, get the rope and pretty much anything.

Will come with 2 food bowls, 2 leads, 1 regular leather collar, 1 tactical collar with an apple AirTag acting GPS, loads of toys, big 15m gym rope and of course his favourite friend the flashlight.

Be first or be last because first to see him will most definitely take him. Perfect all rounder dog. Can be introduced to anyone and is friendly towards everyone unless he is told otherwise.

If serious only, or drop me a message on WhatsApp have loads more media of him.
Loads of training vids of him in action also.


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Rochdale, GB