Here is my beautiful Blue Brindle American bully xl and her Stunning litter of 10 adorable healthy puppies,looking for their forever and beloved family!

4 left, 3 males ,1 females

Maya,mom,she’s 1 year and 9 months old,
At her 1st litter, she’s our amily pet and had been really took care of her ,good food, long walks and trips
She’s 45kg blue brindle ,extremle friendly with people,childrens and other pets

She has been DNA tested for 206 genetic health predispositions, all came clear

She has no pedigree ,and not abkc registered,but its dna tested and i can provide the DNA genetic built, wich is according to american bully

Dad, he is a massive stunning 68kg stud
Champagne colored, with really good temperament, friendly and a happy fella

Puppies will only go to a lovely, caring family who will have the time to invest in pets
As they are very energetic,and big dog ,u would need the time to play,train,socialise the dog with other pets as well
Puppies they are fed with dry food and wet food as well
They are trained to do their needs on puppy pads
They had bath as well so in future they will be used with showers if u go for walks

—->Male 1, Zeus, rottweiler patern, with dark blue colour and brown spots,and brown feetsMale 5, Hulk,he is the massive lad of the group,champagne colour with white line on nose and white chestMale 6,Daemon ,liliac colourFemale 1, Chocolate, champagne/chocolate colourFemale 2 liliac with white on faceAvailable Female 4, Foxie , fawn/redish colour<—-Happily rehomed to her new beloving family

They had been vaccinated,chipped and health checked!they do weight 14 kg
Open to any infos,questions

They had the 2nd vaccine on 25 february .they are ready to go outside on walks

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Preston, GB