This is our male OBE CORSO-MMML
THE CHAMP🏆🥇he is 3 yrs old⏳👌🏼67kg🦍
Proven producer💪🏼3 times
Proven family guardian👊🏼trained&stable
Fully health tested🩻🩺paperwork & proof
Sperm checked and tested💦🔬REGULARLY
Dna tested🧬💉🧪 with paperwork & proof
Kennel🏛️&🩸line 🌎wide REG
Champ is the real deal and even better in person than his photos Iam a 6ft adult and he’s head comes above my waist before selecting a stud go and view other males and come see champ he ticks every box is brilliant and completely stable we have smaller dogs and children so you know he isn’t passing any bad behaviour or genetic traits onto your pups not a single corner has been cut in the raising of this lad from diet to training he’s up to date on flea and wormer has regular health checks at the vets up to date on his yearly boosters can do A.I or lock and tie all paperwork of health tests dna tests registry ect all at hand in my folder proof of previous pups he’s produced at hand can be shown ect 1st pups are now 16 months aswell so you will have a idea of what he produces from pup to 16 months I can travel anywhere in the uk but if past London I will want abit more for fuel as I live in Kent he’s stud fee is 300 cash no pup back deals open to cane corsos /mastiffs &bandog mastiffs


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London, GB