Top quilty lines,

3k Each!!

3 females left!!!!

1 merle boy sold 3k

Choc merle micro female sold 8k

Pied merle boy sold 2800

Full choc suit female sold 3k

Chocolate Pocket 3k

Merle micro female sold 3k

Lilac Pocket female 3k

Lilac micro female 3k sold

Chocolate Pocket 3k

Mum – Mc lovin,haka, x4 gran Dahi, Vito, Dios, Cuba the merle, death star gold witch luna!

Dad – Top 3 in UK Smallest micro! Hugo
Bape, lil savage, hazard miget man gotta lines

A lot of time and thought went into this breeding, We wanted to produce the smallest and healthiest, mobile exotic dogs, cutting out the soft pallet and heavy bones, and improving on the health with the most sought after and smallest stud in the uk, Heeleys Hugo.

These dogs will add serious quality to your kennel or program. The colours, the structure are second to none!

Top shelf bully’s nothing less!

Pups are ABR registered and we have the ABR slips in hand. Pups are up to date with worming and will also come with 1st vaccinations and will have had a vet check.

Waiting for the ABKC Papers to arrive!

So puppies will be duel registered

Any information needed please do not hesitate to drop me a messege or call,I am based


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Nottingham, GB