Two 11 week old Persian X Kittens ready to leave 24th February.

Black & White kitten is a BOY, and is slightly bigger framed than the other. He is playful and loving, an all-rounder cat with great confidence and ability. His purr is loud and he wants you to know he’s content, makes for a great lapcat.

Tortoise Shell kitten is a GIRL, she is short legged and stubby, like her father she’s inherited the Persian face. She is playful also, and loves in her own special way, she may lay down right next to you and snuggle, but she is not a lapcat, this may change with patience and gentle encouragement.

Both kittens are a dream, litter trained, eating well and growing FAST! Their parents are our family pets, who are now neutered (Mother will be ASAP), this has been their only litter of two and it would be silly to miss out on such beautiful kittens, if we had the space and time they would be staying here with us!

Buyers will take home a vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped kitten, to which they will need to register their kitten with their vets.


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Doncaster, GB