Two beautiful 10 week old kittens ready to leave from the 24th February to the right homes.
Mum is a Lykoi x Bombay, dad is a Persian x Scottish Fold – Pictures show both parents, who are our family pets.

1 Boy and 1 Girl.

Black and White kitten is the boy, the Tortoise coloured kitten is the girl.

Temperaments so far show the boy being more playful and confident, he is definitely a lapcat and LOVES a fuss whereas the girl prefers her own space but enjoys your company (she will sit next to you and curl up). Both kittens love to play, are eating well and litter trained. They have been raised around our cat savvy 3 year old child and an older dog.

The girl is slightly smaller than the boy, with shorter legs and a more Persian face, the boy is going to be a decent size cat with the oriental features of the Lykoi x Bombay breed, he is long legged. They will both require grooming (brushing) as they are going to have thick coats.

Boy is £300, girl £350, buyers must oblige to contract stating they will castrate/neuter their pet once old enough and strictly keep them as indoor pets.


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Doncaster, GB