Release date 6/6 unvaccinated price £775
Release date 27/6 for vaccinated kittens price £875
These kittens are registered with The Pedigree Club and will be microchipped before released to their forever homes.
I have many five star reviews and compliments of my kittens, in fact, some households that have bought one Kitten have come back for another, and even a third Kitten. That’s a compliment in

There is a £100 deposit requirement to reserve your kitten or if paying instalments payments through Camlist site ( ask for link )

These kittens are brought up on Hills science, Kitten plan and having investigated the wet food brand range I I decided on Felix double delicious Kitten food to be the best in content of meat. These kittens are also stimulated with toys to play with from as young as three weeks old. They are also litter tray trained by the time they’re five weeks old. Their parents, Cedric and Macy show them how to use the scratch post. They are use to having their Faces washed and brush groomed on a daily basis, and then bum checked and washed if necessary. They are wormed treated from 4 weeks old every 2 weeks and flea treated at 8 weeks every 4 weeks until they leave for their forever Homes. 🏡
Please check out on Instagram ‘purrcedric’ which will give you an insight to the kittens and Cedric, Macy and Auntie Pebbles
Any questions please get in touch
I find that a phone call is quicker and better than a message unless it’s late at night.

CAMLIST SITE OFFER THE FOLLOWING – I support this site 100% and have sold several kittens with them.

– 100% protected payments
– Pay with debit/credit card, or pay in 12 installments via
– FREE up to 6 months pet food (up to 12 months PROMO ongoing)
– FREE health insurance
– FREE deworming and flea treatments
– FREE LIFETIME access to in-app
Camlist VET
– LIFETIME up to 30% cashback on all pet-related purchases (food, toys, etc
Find me on Camlist, please ask for link


✅ Make sure you only PAY through Camlist, because:

1- You can pay in installments 💰 for any pet with 0% interest
2- Your payments are 100% SAFE 🤗 and protected from any scams
3- You can get FREE PET FOOD 💊 , offers on insurance, and some vet services for FREE!

➡️ Reach out to the Camlist support team to get more info about this awesome offer!



Colchester, GB