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If you are looking for a home reared pup brought up in a loving home alongside children and other dogs look no further! We are proud to announce our litter of mixed fib pups, Both mum and dad are our dogs so it’s a real family mum is our extremely pretty and fiercely intelligent spaniel , their daddy is our very handsome, intelligent and very playful KC registered Fox red toy poodle.
The pups are being raised in our conservatory within our family home so they will be welrounded,confident, well used to people and all the usual noises of the family and home life.
They will be weaned at 4 weeks old on a high protein Fish}dogs puppy food and raw veg.
Cockapoos are a wonderful dog to own as they are loving and friendly, great with children and other animals. They also have a high intelligence which they inherit from the poodle and a great athletic ability. They are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers as they are very low shedding.
Pups have been wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks with panacur 10% suspension. They have been to the vets had a full health check and first vaccination. Second vaccine at 10 weeks will be completed by new owners. A picture of the pups
vets book will be sent to new owners this will show which vaccine type the pup has had so that new owners can organise with their vets for second vaccine. It also has our vets contact details on if you have any worries or concerns.
We are fully transparent regarding pups health.
Pups are ready to leave their mother at 8 weeks old.
They will leave for their new homes with
First vaccination and book Microchipping completed Mothers scented cloth Fish4dogs puppy food pack Puppy starter gift bag made by me with love
We will be sending out weekly pictures and videos of your little one so that you can follow his/her progress over the weeks that you will no doubt be counting down! . If after pup goes home you need any advice we are of course still available and love to receive pictures and feedback on how you all are.


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