My gorgeous black Persian boy is looking for a permanent very loving home .

sadly through no fault of his own I’m having to pop that with him because my landlord is evicting me and kill it is breaking my heart but I have no choice… he is wanting to sell the property😪💔

if you want any more details about him please don’t hesitate to ask me I have had to clip him because he got very knotted when I was in hospital but his hair is growing back now but it’s quite sparse on his back half of his body but he was good as gold when I clipped him.

he is a very loving and demonstrative Cat and once nothing more than cuddles and being picked up and loved… he will give somebody a lot of love and I’m going to miss him terribly.

he is an indoor cat he does not go out and I wouldn’t want him to go out because it wouldn’t be safe for him.

I’m sorry the photographs aren’t very good I find it very difficult because I’m registered blind and black is the worst color to photograph unfortunately the reason he is called Betty by the way is because when he was little I thought it was a girl and it was in memory of my mum whose name was Betty but he does answer to his name and he likes it lol😹😻😽❤

as I say if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me… thank you so much

his hair will grow back again and it is already doing so it was just unfortunate that I had to be in hospital for several weeks and I had nobody I could ask to groom him as well as feed him.
He has a very good diet indeed and loves most food… he loves Eden dried food which is a very good quality high protein food but he loves chicken salmon and I’ve been getting some online from Republic of cats I think they’re called and also Blink and he loves those as well because there’s such good quality food…. also have been trying cool cats I think they’re called it’s just such good quality organic food with no additives and you really see the difference in their natures and also their general health.

thanks very much for reading this.🙏😽❤

Warmest wishes,

Liz xxx


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Liverpool, GB