Various in Memoriam gifts available including bottles with lights, mugs, candle holders and candles to help you remember lost furbabies.

All items are personalised to you and what you want, including a picture of your pet. Various colours also available.

Iā€™m happy to accept finance payments, postage and delivery will be charged in addition to your item.

Message to enquire, or go an view my Facebook page for more inspiration!


āœ… Make sure you only PAY through Camlist, because:

1- You can pay in installments šŸ’° for any pet with 0% interest
2- Your payments are 100% SAFE šŸ¤— and protected from any scams
3- You can get FREE PET FOOD šŸ’Š , offers on insurance, and some vet services for FREE!

āž”ļø Reach out to the Camlist support team to get more info about this awesome offer!



Manchester, GB