Hi, I am sadly looking to rehome my little boy (miniature dachshund) due to my other puppy deciding she doesn’t want a play mate and gets very territorial over myself, food and some toys. When I give this little man love and attention, he gets my staffy x puppy constantly in his way so I’ve made the hard decision to find him a new home where he can play, explore and have lots of love and attention without my other puppy taking over.

PLEASE NOTE – He only has one eye! This was from birth and does not affect him as he does not know any other. Has been checked by the vet and there are no concerns whatsoever and he can lead a healthy normal happy life just how he is.

My son has been calling him Waffles however he doesn’t answer to it so he can be named what his new family wish.
Date Of Birth : 01/03/2024
Microchipped – This will need changing when going to his forever home
FULLY vaccinated – due again May 2025
Will leave with vaccination card and microchip details
Flea treated and wormed as a precaution
Use to being on the lead and off – literally follows me or walks by my side with his tale wagging
Great with other dogs and my cats
Great with my 10 year old child and children younger or older
Happy little boy, playful, funny, cute and he loves soft toys and treats. Will be a great companion for a family or person on their own or a couple too.
Eating Royal Canin puppy Biscuits – Will leave with his biscuits and bowls
Doesn’t beg for human food and amazing around meal times
Loves to snuggle up on the sofa and loves being picked up and absolutely loves human companionship
Crate trained – sleeps in it at night and when I pop out – You are welcome to have the crate too.
Comes with collar and lead but not very boyish i’m afraid
Nearly house trained, has the odd accident however he is still a puppy so to be expected
Such a lovely little guy that just needs the right family home where he won’t get harassed by my puppy!
I will only let him go to the right family/person or couple where I think he will be spoilt with love and have an amazing life with attention and interaction. If I ask you questions please do not take offence i’m just trying to do my best by him as much as I can. Any questions welcome
Please make contact if you would like to meet him and go from there… Location Weston near Spalding Lincolnshire


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