Unfortunately I’m having to re home my beautiful German shepherd puppy, Mazikeen.

I have been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and have had multiple other health issues arise because of it, due to also having a toddler we’re just unable to find the time, money and patience to raise her. We have tried to work out plans to make it work but it has become extremely difficult due to her doting nature of wanting to always be around.

We got maze a few months before my diagnosis, and everything was going smoothly until it all changed. Due to the abruptness and nature of my illness, we weren’t able to be consistent with her socialisation, which has made her nervous around other dogs she’s not familiar with. Though all it takes is a little patience and a few puppy classes, and I’m confident she’ll be perfectly fine.

She is of exceptional quality, coming from very strong bloodlines with extensive health tested parents (we were sure to pick from reputable licensed breeder)

She’s an incredibly sweet dog. Very submissive and attentive, she understands sit, lay, out and bed. She’s very comfortable with a crate and will go in there without asking most times. She’s been raised around a cat and another older dog who all get along perfectly. I’m heartbroken I have to split them up as she completely adores them but it’s selfish to keep her where she won’t be able to learn during her crucial time period. She needs to be taught some leash manners but generally avoids people and dogs outside. She has never been aggressive or shown any type of that nature despite being nervous, but will definitely need confidence building in uncomfortable situations, so please only people with larger dog experience or the income to afford lessons.

She is KC registered but endorsed
Comes with her food
If necessary her crate
BB collar and lead

If youre only browsing, please do not contact. Serious enquiries only


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