Here we have the most amazing litter of English Bulldogs. These absolutely stunning pups have been raised with no expense spared, lovingly raised in our home. The pups have all been socialised from an early age and are very comfortable with adults and children.

If you know anything about bulldog pedigree, you will know that they will all be short, chunky, compact and equally as stunning in adulthood as they are as pups.

Willow X Mr Muscle pedigree:

5 boys πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
1 female πŸ’œ

The pedigree behind these world class puppies is like no other

2X Nemesis 3X City’s Geezer 4X City’s Ace 2X Wonderboy
Mr Muscle,Benchpress ,Crackerjack,Sonny,

We have 6 puppies in total, and whilst we acknowledge the pedigree is equal across all the pups, we also recognise quality when we see it. This is reflected in our pricing of the pups.

Pup one lilac merle male: pup 1 is a beautiful chunky boy, the biggest (fattest πŸ˜†) of the litter. Despite this he is the most timid of his siblings, shy and cautious of his surroundings. He needs encouragement and reassurance which brings him out of his shell. He loves cuddles, and of course, food!
(Now sold )

Pup Two full suit Male: Pup 2 is a confident little boy who loves people, loves play and loves food! He enjoys outdoor play and loves to chew his toothbrush chew toys. Pup 2 is extremely short and thick with lots of rolls. He enjoys cuddles and loves a good old belly rub! RESERVED

Pup three lilac tri male: pup 3 is a sassy playful little boy. He is extremely short and compact with a beautiful head. He has the tiniest dash of white on his head and nose. His little face gives the impression of him being very moody πŸ˜† even when at his happiest! Pup 3 loves outdoor play, chew toys, and food!

Pup four lilac merle male: pup 4 is the baby of the bunch. He is incredibly small and short and noticeably smaller than his siblings. He is the cutest boy who loves a cuddle and will seek out human interaction with comfort and ease. Despite his small size he is a complete foody πŸ˜… and we are confident he will be a beautiful example of a short and compact bulldog. PRICING PENDING

Pup five lilac merle male: pup 5 is a beautiful lilac merle with a ton loose skin He adores a cuddle, has beautiful eyes and is a confident explorer of his environment. Pup 5 eats like he isn’t going to be fed again 🀣 loving his food equally as much as his siblings. He is also short and compact.

Pup six full suit female: Pup 5, what can we say, she is sassy, playful, and takes no stick from her brothers! 🀣 she loves belly rubs and of course, food! Pup 6 is a beautiful example of a female and would be an amazing addition to anyone considering creating their own stunning pups in the future.

Our pups have been raised on a raw food diet with the addition of extra treats such as eggs, cheese and salmon oils.

A non refundable holding fee of Β£500 will secure your pup of choice. Viewings are very welcome, please note CCTV is in operation. Video calls are also available on request.

Prices start at Β£2500


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Leeds, GB