Hello, welcome to our advertisement for our Beautiful litter of Staffordshire Bull Terriers 😊 So you have decided your home needs some paws? Or more paws 🤣 just remember this is a big commitment, your puppy doesn’t know how to be what you deem a good dog, you must learn and guide your baby towards success. This takes work and years of dedication, dogs can require 15+ years of commitment. Ok so still with me? Yay 🥰 This litter is special to me, These babies will be great great grandbabies to my SoulDog making them very precious and the 5th generation of my own line, I will be looking for the best 7* homes. We own both parents to the beautiful litter, they’re our pets, they all live in the home as a part of our family. You can meet both parents when viewing. We have cats so these puppies will be very cat friendly making them ideal for homes who already have cats. We have also added sheep to our family so they will grow up very social with other animals. I don’t have children but intent to use my friends children to ensure they are use to children also. Dam to our litter is 4 generations of my own line so a very exciting litter for me. she is extremely loving, friendly, althletic, energetic, eager to learn, a very happy bouncy Staffordshire bull terrier. She enjoys being active, learning, she absolutely adores children and gets so excited when she sees them. She is dog and cat friendly, she’s currently being introduced to the sheep and responding really well. This is her first litter and she has blown me away. She birthed 10 babies in 5 hours, she allowed me to help and touch her babies. She instantly took on mummy mode and is kicking ass at it! she is not only beautiful but also has the staffy temperament that makes this breed heart capturing 🩷 Sire to our litter is my Beautiful Black Brindle and white Boy, I imported this boy from Czech Republic 3 years ago, he was from a breeder I’d followed for about 10 years if not more, I’d always wanted to import at some point but it can be a worry when you are dealing with people abroad. Luckily I had alot of trust in this breeder, you could see her dogs were her family and treated as much, not from a kenneled life, that’s what I wanted to invest in. I enquired over a little blue girl, I was told only 1 black brindle boy was available. I decided to go for it and here we are now, I hit the Jackpot, this boy is just stunning, pictures do no justice you will get to meet him in person and will not be disappointed. He is chunky but not tall, he had a beautiful head he grabs the attention of everyone while out and he loves it, he’s a real star, his breeder has begged me to show him, I’ve only avoided this due to my own confidence and lack of free time, I have no doubts about the quality of this boy he blows me away. The cream on top of it all, he has an outstanding temperament. He loves everyone and everything, he will be submissive to people and sometimes appeasement wee until he’s more comfotable with you then it’s cuddle time and he loves cuddle time haha. He is dog, cat, child, sheep pretty much everything friendly he just adores life. Our boys lineage has been shown in the ring throughout the world. They include dogs that have gained championships in multuple countries, including Poland, Czech Republic, Russia plus many more. I can show this on his pedigree if you choose to view our babies ❤️ Don’t be fooled by advertisements of blue championship lines, not all is as it seems with some breeders be sure to do your research 🙂 I can tell you that the UK does not have any blue champions, not one. Breeding a champion dog to a champion dog does not gurantee you will be buying a top champion quality puppy. I would also recommend avoiding pups from two blue parents as blue is a defect gene and its best not to continuously pair these genes together as this can result is CDA. My best advice is to find a breeder who cares and who isn’t constantly producing an unnecessary amount of pups per year 🙏 All our babies will leave us having had the best care available. They will be well handled and cuddled, raised with love, care and passion. I carry a variety of knowledge on dog behaviour, this allows me to give my babies vital early learning from birth, that will help them to take on the world. Our babies leave with – Kennel Club Paperwork. Full Vaccinations. BVA Eye Test Certificate. Microchip. Puppy-Pack. Change Over Food. Group Support. 4 Weeks Insurance. Lifetime Return Support. Low Cost Holiday Care. All our babies are L-2HGA & HC Clear. This breed means the world to me and I definitely have a Staffordshire bull terrier notch on my heart ❤️ If you choose to open your home to one of our babies, you are not just buying a puppy and leaving, you will have my help advice and support to guide you to a well behave dream stafford….Well eventually 😉 all puppies are hard work at some point just like children 🤣 but no matter what I will be here. I’m really looking for those special homes, a family who want to enjoy the special bond a dog can offer, pure love, effection, laughter and adventures. A reason to get out, enjoy nature, stay healthy ❤️ If you have read our advert and you are still interested in offering one of our babies a home please get in touch, we would love to know a little about you, your home and family, other animals? £250 holding fee will secure the puppy of your choice, this is none refundable. We are open to viewings from 4 weeks old. Pups can leave at 10 weeks old, a few days after the 2nd Vaccinations. Thank you for reading and good luck finding the right baby for your family 🩷


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