My stunning German Shepherd Shadow has given birth to a litter of 9 beautiful puppies. They were born on the 30th/31st October 2023 (4 were born on 30th and 5 were born on 31st), they are currently 1 week old and will be ready to leave for their forever homes on 25th/26th December, but I can’t stress this enough that they are not Christmas gifts, a dog is for life not just for Christmas! They will be microchipped, vaccinated, health checked, wormed every 2 weeks and socialised with people and children. Both mum and dad are family pets, they can be viewed with the pups.

Father (Bailey):
Bailey is a straight back, white and red shepherd, he has been vet checked, has up to date vaccinations and he’s had genetic tests which prove that he is 100% German Shepherd and out of 206 tests for disease and illness there were no genetic predispositions in his DNA (if you want proof of this I can send you his DNA profile). He is gorgeous and affectionate with an excellent temperament, he is very well trained and loves pets and cuddles.

Mother (Shadow):
Shadow is a full pedigree, straight back, long haired gorgeous dark sable shepherd with an amazing personality, she has been vet checked, has up to date vaccinations with no health issues or concerns. She is very smart, loving and protective. She has a brilliant temperament and loves to play with children and is a great mum to her own babies. This is her second and final litter, if you’d like to see photos of the pups from her first litter I can provide those for you as I still get updates from the people who adopted them.

The colours and prices:
(note that their colours will change over time so this is just from what I can currently see)
Gold Collar (sable male): SOLD
Silver Collar (bi-colour male):£850
Bronze Collar (sable female): £950
Black Collar (bi-colour male): £850
White Collar (black and tan male): £850
Orange Collar (black and tan female): £950
Green Collar (black and tan male): £850
Blue Collar (sable female): £950
Purple Collar (bi-colour male): £850
£250 non refundable deposit required to reserve a pup.

They will come with their vaccination card, microchip card, pouch of food they have been weaned onto, first collar and a blanket with their mum’s and siblings’ scent on.

I want these pups to go to the best homes and receive the best care. If you are interested in adopting one of these little bundles of joy then I will be asking about your past experience with dogs and other various questions. I would also appreciate it if I could have updates on them in their forever homes as I would love to see how they are getting on in their new environment. Please do not get offended if I say no to you, I want the best for these beautiful pups. If you don’t think you can handle a German Shepherd please do not waste my time and let these pups down as they deserve a home full of love and commitment! If you would like any more information don’t hesitate to message or ring me.


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Nottingham, GB