These pups need to be in loving homesπŸ’šFinal reductionπŸ’šMy beautiful pet Jenifer, a lilac and tan frenchie with amazing bloodlines! had 2 pups, one boy, one girlπŸ’š
The girl is a lilac fawn merle carrying fluffy she is compact and chunky with a short tail and short muzzle. She has one piercing blue eye and one very dark blue eye, making her very unique to look at.πŸ’š
The boy pup is a lilac fawn and is visually a very light shade of fawn carrying fluffy and E.A he is short in body with a slight muzzle, no tail, and chunky in weight. He has blue eyes and tiny ears πŸ’š
both pups do not carry brindle or pied, and a 4 panel health is checked and clear.
They can be seen with mum who has an amazing temperament, very loving, and loyal. These pups have had 24-hour care, and they are used to lots and lots. of cuddles, the pups are picked up and played with, and they both are very confident and happy pups with no breathing issue’s
These pups have been raised in a home with family noises and children and have been socialised with other dogs


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