She is 2 years old in December

She is searching for an ideal home with certain requirements.
She is a shy/timid girl isn’t to keen on men.
She was returned to me as she was being bullied by the owners two older dogs.

She is very much a flight over fight dog and is good with other more laid back dogs.

She don’t like going for walks and from what I’ve been told. She has walked to the local park fine with my other dogs but don’t like built up places with lots of dogs and people.

I am searching for an older couple without children that are looking for a low maintenance dog she isn’t fazed if she misses a walk but having a garden is a HUGE must.

She would like to be the only dog or with an older more laid back dog, she isn’t very playful just wants to be with someone and loved on.

She is crate trained, toilet trained and can be left.

She has never been left unattended not in a crate with me so I do highly recommend crating when not home.

She is good on lead, she has been around dog savvy children but don’t like loud, noisy,pushy children.

She won’t fight another dog but will correct them if they are being to pushy.

I have a few dogs and she will walk away from confrontation.

If you feel your suitable, I’ve put a price but I’m open to negotiation for right home.

I don’t want any breeders as she is definitely not suitable for breeding due to her nervous temperament.

I do own mum, sister, uncle so all can be seen.

She is a small olde anguish bulldog, with a small dog’s personality.

Please feel free to message me and tell me abit about your situation. I want this to be her forever home so want to makesure you are a great fit for both her and yourself!


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