3 girls 3 boys Ready from 14th May holidays can be honoured.
Merlesque is one of the top high standard licensed home breeders, raising confident, well adjusted puppies.
Viewings welcome to appreciate their confident temperaments in person, and to meet us.
verified as Genuine, Licensed, Legal & Safe.

I have a beautifully bred litter of 6 F1b curly teddy bear non shedding Cavapoos beautiful deep fox red colour they will have lovely curly adult coats.
My background as a breeder of 22 years I am a high standards licensed breeder, fully qualified dog groomer, animal ultrasound scanner, and ofqual qualifications in animal care, working with animals has always been my passion, I have access to some of the best dog trainers/behaviourists should you need any help with training techniques I’m also able to offer lots of experience and advise and offer you to join my what’s app group.

Please visit my Facebook pages merlesque poodles, and merlesque Cavapoos I have 5* reviews.
My puppies are home reared with no expense spared, they are raised happy, confident and well adjusted.
My puppies are raised to a habituation programme to give them the best start in life they are raised in a busy household with all household noises, other dogs, cats, car journeys, bathing and grooming etc.
Puppies are crate trained before they leave me so they’re already adjusted and sleep through the night, non of my previous puppy owners have ever experienced crying, fretful puppies, as I believe crate training must start in the puppies first environment with the breeder, in surroundings they’re familiar with, this helps the pups settle into their new homes with confidence as they’re already trained.
As it is a huge transition moving in with their new families it is most important that the breeder offers individual training within their homes to prevent stress, my puppies will be adjusted to sleeping overnight individually in their crates so my new owners will not experience fretful crying through the nights. Each puppy owner will have a daily schedule to help their puppies settle effortlessly.
Pups are reared on the best natural diets of chemical and filler free only human grade ingredients, please visit their website for further information as they say we are what we eat this applies to our furry friends too, they will leave with 2 months supply free of charge, diet sheets will be provided.
Puppies will leave microchipped and vaccinated, full vet health checks, wormed fully to date and I’m happy to sign the rspca health contracts.
4 weeks free insurance with petplan.
Puppies will leave with puppy packs of scented blankets, toys, puppy shampoo, natural chews, clicker trainer, clip on crate water and food bowls, puppy training mats, licki matts to combat boredom fabulous invention to keep them stimulated, lots more to list.
Mum is my F1 Toy Cavapoo she is 4.5kg 11 inch to shoulder.
Dad is the ever popular Merlesque Norman Toy poodle, he is 4kg and 11 inch to shoulder.
Puppies adult size will be no more the 11 inch and weigh from 3.5-4.5kg
Multi generation DNA health testing.
each owner will receive copies.
To name the main ones
Dry eye
Curly coat
Episodic falling syndrome
Current cardiology heart testing at a specialist centre
Current BVA eye examination certificate.
Dry Eye
Curly Coat
Episodic Falling Syndrome
Malignant Hyperthermia
Degenerative myelopathy
Von Willebrand type 1
Neonatal Encephalopathy
PRA Prcd
PRA rcd4

Both parents have over 33 champions in their pedigrees with the best breeding in Europe.

The puppies will leave crate trained, sleeping through the night even on their first night in their new homes and part toilet trained, I will give support to new owners for life how to continue their training on my what’s app group, I’m here to offer advise anytime you need.


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Birmingham, GB