His name is prince and he will be 3 months old on the third of march.

He’s very quiet and shy and loves attention, will follow you everywhere you go

He doesn’t bark when you go to sleep, he’s not allowed in my bedroom so whenever I go sleep I shut my bedroom door and go sleep in peace, I’m teaching him not to be too attached to me so he doesn’t whine whenever he wants attention.

He’s also super intelligent, he learned the commands “come” “sit” and “stay” in the last past two days and he listens to them and obeys them, he’s very smart for a puppy and he will do anything to please you.

He’s also very tiny, he’s smaller than my smallest kittens and the breeder said he won’t grow much and he will be smaller than an adult cat once he’s fully grown, hes almost three months old now and he’s still so tiny and weights nothing.

I’m currently litter training him and he’s learning super fast, he was used to going to potty outside in the breeders house garden but I plan on teaching him how to potty indoors that’s why I’m currently teaching him how to pee and potty on the pee pads, he’s learning very well and he’s so easy to train, also the mistakes he makes sometimes are very tiny it could all be wiped with one paper towel.

He’s also great friends with my cats now, and he loves to play with them, he would do great if you have another pet as he gets along very well with other cats and dogs.

Bought him for £1600 and lowering his price to £1200 because

So if you’re interested in him do favourite this advertisement or message me

Do check his videos out that I shared on this AD, he’s super cute and quiet

You’re more than welcome to come visit him

Hit me up if you’re interested or save my advertisement 🙂

My postcode is: SW11 8EE


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