Introducing the Ultimate Canine Companion: The Majestic Doberman X Dane Hybrid!

Douglas is over a year old and as shown in the photos an amazing dog he is the most loyal and loving dog who wants nothing more than to go on long walks and have cuddles in the evening.
He loves all people and dogs.
He is fully vaccinated chipped and wormed. He has recently had his tail docked and now recovered after cutting it open in the Peak District and had cost myself nearly £900.
Will come with his crate if you require it

The only reason for re homing is we have 4 male dogs and recently our old 2 much more larger dogs have become irritated with Douglas and also our American Akita puppy enzo so for there safety and our own we have been advised by trainers it would be best to find them new homes to avoid any further problems. He has been brought up around my 3 year old son and is absolutely brilliant with him. He is also crate trained and very happy to just go to sleep

Are you searching for a pet that embodies grace, strength, and loyalty all in one?
Look no further, as this Doberman X Dane mix is the epitome of canine excellence.

With the intelligence and assertiveness of the Doberman Pinscher…
And the gentle giant heart of the Great Dane…
This hybrid offers the best of both worlds in a formidable and friendly package.

Meet your new family protector and confidant, perfect for homes that appreciate a large, active dog.
Each puppy has received comprehensive health checks and vaccinations, ensuring a healthy start in their new home.

Raised in a loving environment, these pups have been socialized with children and other pets.
Their temperament is nothing short of stellar – affectionate, alert, and eager to please.

The sleek, low-maintenance coat means more time for play and less time for grooming.
Expect a loyal companion that’s always ready for adventure, whether it’s a hike in the woods or a stroll in the park.

Adopting from us means lifetime support for you and your new furry family member.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome a Doberman X Dane into your life.

Inquire today and take the first step towards a bond that will forever change your world for the better!

Serious inquiries only, as we’re committed to finding the best homes for these special pups.
Contact us now to meet your new best friend and embark on an unforgettable journey together!


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