I would like to introduce my newest litter;

We based in London. We are on Social Media as MissKissMaineCoon_Cattery. My breeding cats are from Russia and Ukraine. All of them are pure breed. I have all the test negative for the parents. On the showing I can provide the paper.

They are everything and above what anyone can only hope to find in a Maine Coon’s kitten. They are very friendly, affectionate, socialised, confident, large, playful and the list goes on.
My cats and kittens are living in a loving environment, brought up with lots of care and love. I give them everything when it comes to their wellbeing.I spend a lot of time with my kittens, they used all the noises in the household, and I make sure they have the best start in life. Before they leave me they will be fully toilet trained, microchipped scratch post trained, vet checked and worm treated. They will also come with a small starter pack, which will include toys, blanket with their mothers scent, a 5 week insurance, and 5 generation TICA registered pedigree certification.

Litter M,
Minnie-blue silver tortoise- female
Minnie coat colour has changed a lot. Lighten up. Her mom is a silver line.

please request pictures of mom and dad

All kittens sleep with me in the bed, so they are truly very gentle. They request a lot of cuddles and kisses

As pet is 1300£
For breeding is 2100£

Please serious inquiries only, make sure that you’ve researched the breed and are fully committed before getting in touch.
Video call, delivery option are available also!

Our Social Media platforms:
TikTok: @miss_kiss1988
Instagram: misskissmainecoon_cattery

If you need any more details please don’t hesitate to message me.

Warm Regards
MissKiss_Cattery (Renata Kiss)


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London, GB