Introducing a Stunning Cockerpatterpoo Puppy Awaiting Her Forever Home!
£1100 Ono
Meet our gorgeous chocolate broken coated Cockerpatterpoo girl, a delightful blend of intelligence, affection, and beauty!
At 9 weeks old, this little lady is already showing her charming personality, melting hearts with her playful antics.
She’s on track to be ready for her new family at 8 weeks, perfectly timed to bond and grow with you from a young age.

Fully weaned and nourished on high-quality puppy food, she’s developing strong and healthy, with a luscious coat that invites endless cuddles.
Each puppy, including this little gem, will be microchipped for her safety and your peace of mind, ensuring she’s always identifiable as your beloved pet and first vaccination .

Raised in a loving and attentive environment, our Cockerpatterpoo has been socialized with both humans and other pets, fostering a well-rounded temperament.
She comes from a line of carefully selected breeding, prioritizing health, disposition, and adherence to breed standards.

When you choose to welcome this lovely girl into your life, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re gaining a loyal companion, a bundle of joy, and a new family member.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home this exquisite Cockerpatterpoo puppy.

She’s eagerly waiting to start her life’s adventure with you!
For more information and to schedule a visit to meet your new furry friend, please contact us. We’re excited to help you find your perfect match.


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