Our lovely lexi has delivered a stunning litter of 8 puppies which 5 are still available. That include 5 girls which 3 are still available and 3 boys which 2 are still available. They are just over 5 weeks old.

As we have a big family household These puppys are spoilt for attention and will fit into any loving home they are of the highest quality and perfect temperament for a family dog.

Dam to this litter is a Blue Stafford, She is short, stocky Blue Staff and has an amazing temperament and coming from a big family household she is so good with kids at all ages .She has Produced Healthy Chunky Pups. She is a gorgeous girl, born in Ireland with valglo bloodlines.

The Pups are L2HGA/HC clear as both parents are. The quality of this blue litter is outstanding!

The dad ZEUS is a Solid Blue with no white markings, has the looks and correct fur pigmentation, with a silky shiny coat and NO skin conditions.
He is short and stocky, deep chest, thick bone structure. True-to-type blue Staff from impeccable bloodlines.
An excellent top line, short muzzle, defined large bully head, perfect scissor bite, perfect rosebud ears with every single nail being black.

•KC Registered,
•BVA Eye Screened CLEAR

Holding 27 champions in his own pedigree.
He is an offspring from the first litter produced with the cross over of Bullscaff’s Piro AND Joker Bloodline!

He was bred from a 7% inbreeding score which is lower than breed standard and two blue champions each side with heavy black lines on both sides of the pedigrees.

These beautiful pups also have bullscaff bloodlines from the dams side by THE ONLY BLACK CHAMPION TO HOLD A BLUE GENE CH Moris at sama at Slodycz AT BULLSCAFF – proudly boasting a staggering 43 champions in his pedigree and passing 25champions on to his pups. He has raised the bar in terms of quality and pedigree among any type of Staffs and carries and passes more champions than any other stud dog. The quality of those champions is second to none. But that’s not all -standing at 15 inches, he’s one of the shortest and stockiest black Staffs you’re likely to see. Solid jet black with NO brindle whatsoever and zero white, lovely bully head, perfect rose ears, all black nails and perfect scissor bite. Even more important dark brown eyes.

If you’d like anymore information please contact me.


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