FOR SALE due to being out the house 12 hours a day … this is nothing to do with the recent news!! needs to be the only pet in the home. really reluctant to sell but has to be the best for my big lad.
Bossy Lucious
Bossy silver back
2x frank sinatra
VIP the joker
Bossys crystal by the cases 🩸🦍
He is absolutely massive and is an amazing true to type XL bully. He has amazing structure, massive head, wide shoulders. TTW 24″ and head circumference of 23″ πŸ”₯He has an absolutely amazing pedigree with big names. Hes currently weighing nearly 50kg 🦍 he still has growing to do! ABKC registered, fully vaccinated and health checked. Full sperm analysis. 130million per ml and 100% motile πŸ’¦


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Manchester, GB