🔥STUD🔥 Odin/ Óðinn / ᛟᛞᛁᚾ is a bandogge mastiff!

Raised with young kids and other pets as a home/house and close guardian.
£200 fee

Odin lives in our home with us as a member of the family.

He is truly one of a kind dog that proudly stands out wherever he goes and loves all the attention and compliments he gets everywhere he goes.

He is very docile, obedient and calm in the home (his and other homes we visit) environment being perfectly well behaved with small children and multiple other dogs and puppies, He loves cats and cuddles and plays with ours daily overall on a day to day basis he is a giant baby and one of the friendliest dogs you could meet dog aggression doesn’t exist to him he has the opposite he has dog affection he loves every dog he gets to play with.

He will guard when needed. he has a very good natural guarding instinct and has a multiple times shown fantastic instinct, restraint and compliance while in guarding situations.

4 generation bloodline information available as are pictures of parents and grandparents.

When last measured Odin was 55KG and stands 26.5″ at the shoulder at 1 year 1 month old.

Odin is looking for stud opportunities in Northamptonshire or Berkshire but we can travel UK or accommodate if needed for meetings.

We have a local K9 fertility specialist that provides artificial insemination at a very reasonable rate and is also able to ship his product to you for use local to you

Stud fee can be discussed as well a reduced stud fee and puppy from the litter opportunities if you’re interested in using Odin as a stud contact me and we can work something out

Odin is new to stud duties and while we are building a portfolio stud fees will be reduced

Please message for any more information or questions you may have or for more pictures of Odin and his parents/ grandparents.

Odins Instagram is linked below


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Kettering, GB