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Discover these unique 5th Generation Pedigree 🏆 Gorgeous Glitter Chunky Bengals. They are the perfect, gentle, and chatty Bengal boys who love sitting on your lap for cuddles, and in return, they start purring, sure to relax and calm you during any healing time in your life. ❤️

These stunning brown Bengal Boys possess a unique and warm-toned beautiful coat that’s soft, furry, shiny, and glittery—a touch as cuddly as a teddy bear. The meticulously detailed Rosettes will spread even more beautifully as they grow. They feature wide faces, big round eyes, and whisker pads inherited from ancestors like Oasis Glavkot Of Benlux, Canicspot Jumper, and Manglar Bagira-Gold. 🐅

These boys are very sweet and loving, friendly with other pets, and gentle and playful around kids. They’re already big, chunky boys at a young age and will soon grow to look like real Tigers but with gentle personalities. They love to chat away and play with their favorite feather toy and cat tree.

These are very well-behaved Bengal boys with a perfect mix of calmness. 🧸 They enjoy having a run around in a safe, secure garden area and don’t mind joining you on shopping trips. These Bengal boys turn heads wherever they go, leaving a trail of admirers. Their extraordinary friendliness makes them the ideal companions, especially for those seeking a cuddly and engaging Bengal friend. Don’t miss your chance to welcome them into your heart; they’re ready to become the ultimate addition to your life’s journey. ☀️ Come down and meet us today! 😻

We’re delighted to introduce you to our Pedigree Bengal Benlux Of Jungle Jaguar & MarbleJaguar Amber-Bagheera’s Jungle Jaguar Fireglitz litter. You won’t want to miss out on this utter perfection! Bagheera, our beautiful pedigree queen, lives in our family home, and you can see gorgeous pics of her. She has the cutest, sweetest temperament, is highly affectionate, and loves attention, as you’ll see when you come and meet her! The kittens’ dad is Sir Fredric, with a glitter coat, a Russian import champion in Bloodline, dark prominent rosettes, and an incredibly affectionate and cuddly personality like a chunky teddy bear. The good news is, their Bengal babies are just like them! Bagheera and Sir Fredric have produced fantastic kittens with beautiful looks and incredible personalities. 🌟

Each kitten comes with a FREE Kitten Starter Bag ❤️, and they are:

⭐️ Litter Trained
⭐️ Scratch Post Trained
⭐️ FREE Tica Registration/Active available
⭐️ FREE Scented Luxury Blanket
⭐️ FREE raw Food
⭐️ FREE Toys
⭐️ FREE Litter Scoop
⭐️ FREE kitten brush
⭐️ FREE x2 Vaccination Course
⭐️ FREE Health Card
⭐️ FREE worm treatment
⭐️ FREE Microchipped
⭐️ FREE Digital receipt
⭐️ FREE 4 weeks free Health Insurance
⭐️ FREE lifetime Support

Our Bengal kittens come from a Royal Pedigree, with champions running through their bloodline. They are 5th Generation Pedigree with Glitter Gene Coats. We meticulously select our breeding pairs to ensure the highest quality and adhere to the highest standards of the breed.

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