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Valencio 🐅
Raphael 🐅

Extra photos are there to show you how they will look when they are older. Will update pics often.

This is your Final opportunity to own one of our very popular Bengals! Don’t miss out!

Royal Bengals are delighted to introduce to you our Pedigree Queen Bengal Jungle Jaguar Fireglitz’s final litter. You don’t want to miss out on utter perfection! These are seriously Gorgeous Luxury Tica 5th Generation Pedigree Bengals. With Glitterglam bloodlines and glitter genes. A lineage boasting pure Bengal champions & Grand Champions. Parents Top Quality, Pedigree Certified with beautiful temperaments, sociable & outgoing. Our beautiful pedigree queen who lives in our family home, has the most sweet temperament, She is so affectionate and loves attention, as you will see when you come and meet her! Father (Sire) Sir Fredric, Glitter Russian import, with very dark prominent rosettes and also an incredibly affectionate King. These kittens embody the pinnacle of feline beauty and grace.🥇The good news is their bengal kittens are just like them! 🐅 Both parents have produced some fantastic kittens, with beautiful looks and incredible personalities.

Our cats are pets first and their health and wellbeing is our highest priority. We take pride in the fact that all of our kittens go to the best loving, homes with loving families & owners. We are very confident that the perfect family or owner will come along and snap these beauties up. Much time and effort has gone into giving these bengals the best start in life.

If you’re seriously interested in these stunning bengals, then to help you connect with us again, make a note of our contact details as most people are unable to find their favourite Bengal when
advert expires ❤️

Both of these stunning Boys will develop the most Gorgeous wide face, big round eyes and big whisker pads which is inherited from ancestors Oasis Glavkot Of Benlux, Canicspot Jumper, Manglar Bagira-Gold. 🐅With beautiful intricate meticulously detailed Rosettes which will spread out even more beautifully as they grow. They will be friendly around other pets and gentle and playful around kids. Will be lap trained, litter trained and used to all house hold noises. They will be chatty like mommy who loves sitting on your lap for cuddles and even enjoys being held. Available on the Active register. 🐅🥇

🥇Tica Registered
🏆Pedigree Certified
⭐️Health Tested 
⭐️Microchipped to your chosen name
⭐️4 Week Free Insurance
⭐️Litter Trained
⭐️Scratch Post trained
⭐️Luxury Blanket with mommy’s scent
⭐️Health Card & Vaccination Record
⭐️Digital Receipt of your purchase
⭐️Life Support
⭐️Will Make you Smile

💫☀️Option to purchase your bengals first home nursery let us know we will do everything for you!💫☀️

We are Tica registered small breeders who breed on very few occasions and we do produce some fantastic Luxury looking Kittens!🐅Our last gorgeous bengals were extremely popular and went to some real genuine bengal lovers to some really stunning locations. As far as Scotland and as close as Cornwall Manor to an Earl who resides in a beautiful location in Oxfordshire. Our bengal boy is grown up now and enjoying the luxury of privately owned estate on a 2000 acre of area located in Oxfordshire. Lucky Boy! 🌳🐅 We were also lucky enough to get invited to visit him as we have made some fantastic friendships through our Stunning Bengals! ❤️

Available as an outstanding Luxury Pet for all enquiries please get in touch 🐅

Best wishes,

the Royal Bengals 🐅



Birmingham, GB