🎉5 Months Old Now🎉Did you watch all the 5 videos on our other ads? 🥰Which was your favourite let us know! 😎.😻We’re thrilled that you’re considering welcoming one of our Bengal kittens into your home. To ensure we can match you with the perfect furry companion, please direct message us with some information about your preferences and needs. Are you looking for a specific gender, color, or personality traits in your Bengal kitten? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to find the ideal match for you.

🥰🥰Meet these adorable Luxury pure Bengals – they’ll steal your heart at first sight! We know just how important it is to give your Bengal the best start in life. That’s why our Bengals have had the privilege of spending extra quality time with their loving mothers. This extended time together not only fosters strong bonds but also imparts invaluable life lessons, ensuring your new furry family member grows up with confidence and security. 🥰

Our Bengal kittens are not just raised within our family; they are an integral part of it, lovingly trained to be lap cats. They’ve become cherished members of our household, familiar with all the daily sounds of home life. Moreover, we’ve taken the extra step to train them for travel, whether it’s by car, train, or even enjoying outdoor adventures on foot, in case you’d like to share these experiences with them. This meticulous preparation ensures a seamless transition from our family to yours, guaranteeing an effortless adjustment to their new home. 🏡

Our stunning Bengals are remarkably sociable and thrive in the company of young children and other pets, even dogs, making them wonderful companions for your entire family.👨‍👧‍👦

Our Bengal kittens come with top-quality pedigrees, health checks, and a host of freebies, ensuring a smooth start in their new homes.

We are looking for the right families/owner to offer these stunning luxury bengals the perfect loving caring homes!

Prices start at £950, with a £200 deposit to reserve your Bengal baby. We offer delivery options and payment plans for your convenience.

Interested in welcoming one of these amazing Bengals into your life?
Contact us at for more information, pictures, and videos.

Our Queen – 5th generation Tica Registered Pedigree Queen with Show Champions in Bloodline. Very Healthy can be seen in our home. Our beautiful pedigree queen who has a gorgeous temperament. Extremely sociable, caring and intelligent and a lap cat. She is PRA=b PK def tested normal. The dad- Tica Registered chunky brown spotted Glitter Coat male. Amazing 5th Generation Pedigree with the most gorgeous temperament and very sociable. He is PRA=b PK def tested normal.

All our kittens are PRA=b PK def clear by parentage.

🐾What you will receive
Each kitten comes with FREE Kitten Starter Bag❤️
🌟Your New Bengal Baby
🌟Lap cat trained
🌟Litter Trained
🌟Scratch Post Trained
🌟Flead and wormed up to date
🌟FREE Blanket
(smelling of mum/siblings)
🌟FREE raw Food
🌟FREE Toys
🌟FREE Litter Scoop
🌟FREE kitten brush
🌟FREE x2 Vaccination Course
🌟FREE Health Card
🌟FREE Microchipped into your name
🌟FREE Digital receipt
🌟FREE 4 weeks Health Insurance
🌟FREE lifetime Suppor

Tica Active Available with breeding rights (please enquire)


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