🐅Meet Gorgeous Zendaya: Your Enchanting and Irresistible Brown Bengal Princess!😻

👑Introducing our enchanting Bengal princess, born from impeccable lineage and destined to bring joy to your home! This delightful dark brown rosetted beauty is now 9 weeks old and comes with a host of exceptional features.

Her mother hails from the prestigious glitter glam lines, renowned for their stunning Bengal cats with dazzling coats and captivating charm. This lineage ensures that our little princess inherits the same mesmerizing qualities, making her a true gem among felines. 🐅

Adding to her allure, her father is a Russian import, bringing with him a touch of elegance and mystique. This combination of glitter glam lines and Russian heritage results in an exquisite blend of beauty and grace that is sure to turn heads wherever she goes.😻

Beyond her stunning appearance, our Bengal girl has received top-notch care to ensure her well-being. She comes with a complete vaccination course, guaranteeing her robust health. Additionally, she has been diligently protected from fleas and worms, so you can enjoy a worry-free companionship.

To provide an extra layer of security, our Bengal princess has been microchipped, giving you peace of mind knowing that she can always find her way back to you. She has also been thoroughly health checked twice and comes with a health card.

But it’s not just her looks that make her special – her playful and sociable nature will steal your heart. She is the perfect balance of energy and affection, ready to embark on exciting adventures with you and curl up for cuddles after a day of play.

Now is your chance to bring home a remarkable Bengal kitten with an extraordinary heritage. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this delightful girl who embodies the very essence of elegance and charm. Welcome her into your life and experience the wonder of the glitter glam lines and Russian import magic firsthand!

👑🔥 Discover the epitome of feline excellence with our majestic Bengal kittens! We understand that bringing home a remarkable companion should be as seamless as possible. That’s why we offer the option to spread the cost over 4 monthly payments – just ask us for more details! ⭐️

🏆 Prepare to be dazzled by our royal show quality pedigree Bengal kittens. With glitter genes and a lineage boasting pure Bengal champions, these kittens embody the pinnacle of feline beauty and grace. Born on the 11th of May 2023, they are ready to embark on their grand adventure with you! 🐅

💫 Rest assured, we are TICA registered, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of our Bengal kittens. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards is reflected in the stunning luxury pure Bengals we have to offer.

💫 Not only are our Bengal kittens breathtakingly beautiful, but they also come with a range of extraordinary skills. They will be lap trained, ready to curl up in your embrace and provide endless moments of comfort and companionship.

💫 Above all, our Bengal kittens boast perfect loving temperaments. They have been nurtured in a loving and caring environment, ensuring their socialization and ability to form deep bonds with their human companions. Their affectionate nature will fill your home with warmth and joy.

Introducing our exceptional Bengal baby, ready to bring a world of joy and companionship into your home! We go above and beyond to ensure that you receive everything you need to welcome your new feline friend.

💫What you will receive💫
🐾 Your Bengal Baby!
🍖 Raw food: We believe in providing the best nutrition for your Bengal, and we include a supply of raw food to support their healthy growth and development.

🧾 Digital receipt of your purchase: You will receive a digital receipt for your purchase, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

💉 Full vaccination course: Our Bengal baby has received a complete vaccination course, safeguarding their well-being and providing immunity against common diseases.

🚽 Litter trained: We take the hassle out of litter training, as your Bengal baby is already accustomed to using the litter box.

🐾 Fully scratch post trained: Your Bengal baby understands the importance of using a scratch post.

🪱 Worm treated (at regular intervals): We have taken care of worm treatments at regular intervals to ensure your Bengal baby is free from any internal parasites.

🔬 Vet checked (twice): Our Bengal baby has undergone thorough vet checks twice, ensuring their health and providing you with complete peace of mind.

📖 Health Card & vaccination record: You will receive a health card and vaccination record, detailing the care and attention given to your Bengal baby.

🏥 4 Week Free Insurance: We provide four weeks of free insurance coverage for your Bengal baby, offering financial protection during their initial settling-in period.

🔍 Microchipped in your name: Your Bengal baby will be microchipped and registered in your name, providing a permanent form of identification.

🤝 Life Time Support: We are committed to providing lifetime support for you and your Bengal baby. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

💫Gift Hamper includes💫
🍗 FREE raw food: We include a supply of high-quality raw food to cater to your Bengal baby’s taste preferences and nutritional needs.
🍽️ FREE ceramic bowl: Your Bengal baby will dine in style with a complimentary ceramic bowl, adding a touch of luxury to their mealtimes.
🎁 FREE Toys: We include a selection of stimulating toys to keep your Bengal baby entertained and engaged.
🛏️ FREE Luxury Scented Blanket (with mama’s scent): To provide comfort during the transition, we offer a luxury scented blanket with the familiar scent of the mother.
🗑FREE Litter scoop

💼 Option to Order Full Kitten Starter Pack: For your convenience, we offer the option to order a comprehensive kitten starter pack, including essentials such as bedding, grooming tools, and more.

We strive to ensure that you have everything you need to provide the best care and love for your Bengal baby. Bring home your bundle of joy today and experience the wonders of a lifelong companionship! Get in touch now


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