🏆LAST 2 left 5th GENERATION Pedigree🏆Designer Leopards 🐅Health Guaranteed ACTIVE AVAILABLE 🐅 ROYAL TICA GLITTER GENE ⭐️ 🔥🚗Delivery of your Bengal to your door available just Ask!

Cuddly and loving, their personalities shine,
Soft like teddy bears, their touch divine,
Clouded rosettes, a beauty to behold,
In every step, a tale untold. 🧸

Through days of joy, and nights of glee,
The Bengal boy, a friend to be,
In their embrace, love’s story unfurls,
A precious bond that forever whirls.🐅

With Hercules, a Bengal boy so dear,
Healing your mind, body and soul, sincere.
His playful spirit, a joyful sight,
Captivating markings, dark as night,
Silky, shiny coat that gleams,
Like a dream, he steals hearts, it seems.❤️

With loving eyes that capture souls,
He brings us joy that always consoles.
Stunning Hercules, a star so bright,
In his presence, days turn to light,
Balancing calmness and playful glee,
The ideal companion for you and me.🐅

From thrilling adventures to cuddles sweet,
A journey of love, laughter complete,
By your side, he stands so true,
Hercules, the Bengal boy, anew.💕

So get ready to embrace his love,
With endless entertainment from above,
He’ll be the joy in each day’s start,
With Hercules, forever in your heart.❤️

Our Bengal kittens come from a Royal Pedigree, with champions running through their bloodline. 5th Generation Pedigree and Glitter Gene Coats. We meticulously select our breeding pairs to ensure the highest quality and adhere to the highest standards of the breed.

Each kittens come with❤️
⭐️Tica Registration
⭐️Scented Luxury Blanket
⭐️Free raw Food
⭐️Free Toys
⭐️Full Vaccination Course
⭐️Health Card
⭐️Flead and wormed
⭐️Health Guaranteed
⭐️Digital receipt
⭐️4 weeks free Health Insurance

🏆🐅Spread the payment and enjoy..
✅12 months of free pet food
✅Free health insurance
✅Complimentary deworming and flea treatments
✅Access to video vet service for a year
✅Up to 30% cashback for life on pet-related purchases!

🏆 We understand the importance of finding the right Bengal companion for you. Meet our exceptional Bengals: Hercules, Hades, and Hero, & Zendaya! 🏆

🐅Showcasing Stunning Hercules who is Exceptional Quality here to steal your heart! This Bengal boy is as striking as he is playful! With his dark, shiny, silky and captivating markings, which would make anyones head turn. Hercules is sure to catch your eye. This active little bundle of joy brings a perfect balance of calmness and playfulness, making him the ideal companion for both fun adventures and cozy cuddle sessions. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with love, laughter, and endless entertainment with Hercules by your side! £1400

🐅Meet Hades, the charismatic Bengal boy who exudes confidence and charm! With his golden-toned coat and captivating presence, Hades is sure to turn heads wherever he goes. He is not only sociable and interactive but also incredibly friendly, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a lively and engaging feline friend. Get ready for endless moments of fun and companionship with Hades by your side!

🐅Say hello to Hero, the male Bengal with a heart as sweet as can be! With his beautiful donut rosettes and serene demeanor, Hero is a true delight to behold. His gentle and quiet nature adds a sense of tranquility to any home, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a calm and serene feline friend. Prepare for moments of pure bliss and peaceful companionship with Hero by your side, as he fills your days with love and serenity.

🐅Meet our sweet Bengal girl Zendaya, a mesmerizing feline with a striking black and brown rosetted coat that looks like a piece of art. Playful and full of energy, she brings endless joy and amusement to anyone who crosses her path. Her mischievous nature and boundless curiosity make every day an adventure, as she explores her surroundings with enthusiasm. With her captivating charm and playful antics, this Bengal beauty is sure to steal your heart and become a beloved member of your family in no time.

We are proud to present a litter of exceptional Bengal kittens, born from health-tested parents and raised with love and care. ❤️

These enchanting kittens are the epitome of Bengal perfection. Their mesmerising leopard-like spots, sleek coats, and graceful movements are sure to captivate your heart. Not only are they visually stunning, but they also possess the Bengal’s characteristic intelligence, playfulness, and engaging personality.

🏅 Health and Well-being: Our Top Priority

We understand that a healthy kitten is a happy kitten. That’s why we prioritize the well-being of our Bengals by health testing their parents before breeding. We proudly offer a health guarantee for our kittens, giving you peace of mind as you embark on this feline companionship.

Our Bengal kittens have received thorough veterinary care, including health checks, vaccinations, microchipping, flea treatments, and deworming. We take great care to ensure they are in the best possible condition before they find their forever homes.

🏠 Loving Forever Homes Only

We believe in finding the perfect match between our Bengal kittens and their new families. These extraordinary felines deserve a nurturing environment where they will receive the love, attention, and dedicated care they deserve.

🐅 If you have made your mind up then don’t waste a moment and secure your bengal and embark on a lifelong adventure filled with love, laughter, and delightful Bengal antics!🥰

💳 Flexible Payment Options 💵

To make it easier for you to welcome a Bengal companion into your life, we offer flexible payment options. You can choose to pay in full using your card or opt for our convenient installment plan, allowing you to spread the cost over a period of time. We want to ensure that bringing home your dream Bengal is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

📞 Act Now to Secure Your Bengal Baby!

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