🏆🐅 ROYAL PEDIGREE BENGALS GLITTER GENE 🚗 Free Delivery of your Bengal to your door is available.

💙💙Introducing Blaze, our enchanting Bengal boy with a captivating presence. His striking rosettes, blending beautifully with his dark coat, make him a true sight to behold. This chunky little feline exudes both love and grace, drawing admiration from everyone who meets him. 🐅

Blaze is not only charming in appearance but also in personality. He has a gentle playfulness that adds to his allure. He enjoys playful interactions and adventures. He has a calm temperament and maintains a serene demeanor, making him a joy to be around.😻

Blaze has developed a particular fondness for raw food, indulging in it with gusto. This preference contributes to his growth, and he’s destined to become a big, chunky boy, exuding strength and confidence as he moves through life.🐅

But amidst his gentle playfulness and love for raw food, Blaze also enjoys his peaceful moments. You’ll often find him lounging and napping, making the most of his downtime. ❤️

Blaze is a one-of-a-kind Bengal boy, with gentle character. His calm temperaments and sweet disposition make him a truly unique and lovable companion. Get ready for a lifetime of joy and companionship as this remarkable feline becomes an integral part of your family. 💙💙

🐅Our Bengal kittens come from a royal pedigree, with champions running through their bloodline.

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Each kittens come with❤️
⭐️Scented Luxury Blanket
⭐️Free raw Food
⭐️Free Toys
⭐️Full Vaccination Course
⭐️Health Card
⭐️Flead and wormed
⭐️Digital receipt
⭐️4 weeks free Health Insurance

Flead and wormed
🏆🐅Spread the payment and enjoy..
✅12 months of free pet food
✅Free health insurance
✅Complimentary deworming and flea treatments
✅Access to video vet service for a year
✅Up to 30% cashback for life on pet-related purchases!

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🏆 We understand the importance of finding the right Bengal companion for you.🏆

We are proud to present a litter of exceptional Bengal kittens, born from health-tested parents and raised with love and care. ❤️

🏅 Health and Well-being: Our Top Priority
We understand that a healthy kitten is a happy kitten. That’s why we prioritize the well-being of our Bengals by health testing their parents before breeding. We proudly offer a health guarantee for our kittens, giving you peace of mind as you embark on this feline companionship.

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