💎💎💎Luxury Kittens Ready Now!!! Our queen delivered 3 gorgeous boys and 1 Silver girl, Silver/Charcoal kittens available as active or as a luxury pet kitten.(Active price is different)

1. Outstanding Clear Silver Boy 💖£699
2. Charcoal 🥰Boy £650

Our Outstanding Silver Stud – our famous stunning markings and glitter coat boy.
Kittens PK-Def & PRA/B clear by parentage.

Our little leopards are very intelligent and will develop a relationship with their human companions very similar to that of a dog with all the joy and obligations that a canine relationship entails. Hence Bengals are not for everyone but feel free to call us and we will give you a very honest view of the delights and challenges of becoming part of a Bengal family.

There are many reasons for that but what’s most important:
– We put extremely many efforts to provide all our animals neat, tidy and joyful surroundings.

– On the regular diet all our cats receive raw food like chicken, turkey, beef, rabbits, etc. which support their immune system and keep them healthy.
– Excellent bloodlines of their parents make their appearance, fur, colours and rosettes one THE BEST QUALITY you can find.
– All our cats are fully registered in TICA.
“At Luxexoticpurrs , you not only get a sweet cat, but also memories associated with it for the rest of your life. Sensitizing moments and full of fun adventures.

All kitten will be ready to collect when they reach 12 weeks old. By that time, they will be:
• Vet checked (twice)
• Fully Vaccinated
• Worm treated (twice)
• Microchipped
• Litter trained
• Both parents tested (b-PRA, PK-Def, rdAc-PRA) clear

Please feel free to Call with further questions or to arrange a video call ,visit in our place to see the kittens and to reserve your very own little exotic baby Bengal.


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London, GB